1,000 Gallons


For septic tank cleaning of systems up to 1,000 gallons.

1,500 Gallons


For septic tank cleaning of systems between 1,001 and 1,500 gallons.

2,000 Gallons


For septic tank cleaning of systems between 1,501 and 2,000 gallons.

Tank Locating & Digging


Septic tank lid locating and digging. We only charge this fee if you choose to have us dig, locate and expose your septic lid. Price is based on difficulty.

Service Call Fee


Service call fees are applicable in some few circumstances such as:

  • Inability to locate tank lid
  • Frozen or stuck tank lid
  • Replacement maintenance reports
  • Failure to comply with proper tank preparation

Live Bacteria Product

Keeping your tank clean requires regular maintenance. Protecting your septic system and extending its useful life can be made simpler with the help of beneficial bacteria.

Talk to us about introducing live bacteria into your septic system!

Our live bacteria product is manufactured by Chempace.

Winter Disposal Fee

During winter months an additional per-gallon fee may be in effect.

Because winter-time waste disposal requires additional processing to comply with State health codes, a winter fee may be added to your pumping.

Inquire at time of pumping.

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  1. We are in Alaiedon Twp and have a mound system. I would like to schedule a pumping of our tanks. Please let me know when you can schedule it. Thanks Bill

    1. Give us a call during normal business hours to schedule a cleaning. We would be happy to help! 517 676-3710

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