Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve been in your home a while, keeping track of your septic system’s maintenance is important to ensure the longevity of your system.

Most homeowners do not adequately keep record of their septic maintenance history.

To make this easier for our valued clients, we’ve created a Homeowner Septic Maintenance Log.

To use this document:

  1. Click the link above titled “Homeowner Septic Maintenance Log”.
  2. Use your web browser to navigate to File -> Print…
  3. Be sure to enable two sided printing on your printer.
  4. Print the PDF file
  5. Fold the paper in half and cut the paper into two individual maintenance logs.
  6. Keep one half sheet of paper in your records, and tape the other half to your electrical fuse box or somewhere memorable.
  7. Any time you have work performed on your septic system, fill out the log!

This maintenance log is a new tool we have created to help serve our clients. We are now distributing these helpful record keeping tools to out clients with each septic cleaning we perform.

We thank you for your loyal support and aim to serve your septic cleaning needs!

3 thoughts on “Homeowner Septic Maintenance Log

  1. Steve, I have a line between the tank and drain field plugged with tree roots. Can you recommend someone to replace this?
    Dean Lotridge
    1868 W COLUMBIA RD

  2. Just want to post my thanks for a quick response and help with a cranky septic system that needed immediate pumping. I really appreciate the professionalism of Jason and his prompt arrival- when my family was up a creek. 🙂


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